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drg. Putu Indra Sp.Ort


Since graduated as orthodontist in Airlangga University on 2016, he traveled around the world to study modern orthodontic. He supervise orthodontic treatment in Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia, clinical advisor for a Clinic in Sydney-Australia, also a lecturer of orthodontic in London-UK.

An orthodontist who focused on modern treatment of orthodontic such as TAD and Clear Aligner. He also has some patents in orthodontic category.

drg. Ferdinand Hadinata Sp.Perio

Periodontist and Implantologist

An implantologist who develop digital full mouth rehabilitation as part of modern remote dentistry. He is a National speaker and also clinical advisor for clinic in Sydney-Australia. A Periodontist who focused on quality and durability of dental treatment.

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drg. Ririn Alfisia


Dedicated dentist with over  3+ years of experience in the dental field. Committed to providing the best patient care through communication and high-quality service. Experience in working with children, adolescents, and adults, as well as those who suffer from dental anxiety and understands the importance of collaborative care for the best treatment outcomes for patients.

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Experience a revolution in dental care and trasnform your smile with SmileCloud.

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